Exciting Related Quotes

“The second doubles match was by far the most exciting.”

Chelsea Frankovich

“I'm so looking forward to 50. It's really exciting.”

Cheryl Dixon

“I think it's exciting for everybody. I think everybody realizes what Joe has meant to the program and what capability that Joe has.”

Mike Riley

“That's the first triple play I've ever seen. It was very exciting.”

Colleen Nave

“I think every little girl wants a pony, ... So, it's exciting. For me, if I didn't have a horse, I'd want to go and see another little girl who had a horse.”

Dakota Fanning

“This is my first time as a head coach to have girls signing. It's exciting. I think it reflects well on our program.”

Courtney Cooper

“An American Michelin guide is incredibly exciting and a testimony to the evolution of our dining culture,”

Clark Wolf

“We?re delighted to be recognized for our work on this exciting facility. This award serves as recognition of Black & Veatch?s global leadership in helping utilities produce safe, ample drinking water for their customers, while sustaining and protecting the environment.”

Dan Mccarthy

“The development team has worked extremely hard on creating unique and exciting features to appeal to every fan of the game. All these new features - the innovations in the batting system, the new pitching mechanics, Artificial Intelligence tendencies driven by Inside Edge, the new Pure Motion Physics movement system and so much more - combine together seamlessly to create an authentic and thrilling MLB video game.”

Greg Thomas

“The market still likes exciting stories, and currently Silicon Labs is one of the exciting stories. The market likes good double-digit sequential growth.”

David Wu