Exciting Related Quotes

“It's exciting to be out there, but we're missing a special guy, Stephen Davis. Once he gets back out there, we'll be complete.”

Steve Smith

“It is a unique and exciting project that certainly lives up to the billing.”

Mike Dewine

“That was my biggest win. It was very exciting.”

Anna Tatishvili

“Forty-four sharks is a lot of sharks. It's exciting stuff. I'm ecstatic. It was a really good week.”

Jack Morris

“I love elementary kids. They're probably the most creative and exciting students to work with, but they're also the hardest,”

Chris Detert

“It's exciting to come up with the other younger players, ... We're very well trained to where we know what we're doing at a young age. I think we can help the LPGA make quite a splash the next few years.”

Morgan Pressel

“The gondola idea is only one of the many that we will be looking at. It's exciting, but it's only one idea. Ferry service is ... going to be very important.”

Charles Gargano

“We've got three really talented guys here and it's exciting to be working with them. I think they can go on and make big names for themselves.”

Frank Warren

“It's exciting. Hopefully I can be some sort of role model for them.”

Quin Humphrey

“It's very exciting. The enthusiasm of the students has been great.”

Dave Samler