Executing Related Quotes

“I told them that they did a really good job of executing our game plan for about 20 minutes. We have to carry that through for a full 40 minutes next time. I don't think anyone walked out of the gym tonight without thinking that we can compete at the highest level.”

Maggie Dixon

“This was a solid win. In a close game, we did a good job of executing in the last four minutes of the fourth quarter and overtime. All of our shots were within four feet.”

Andy Mangin

“All week long we talked about executing better and about being football players, not spectators. We kept it simple. We got back to basics and got after it.”

Chris Hutchens

“We've been executing very well. It's hard for (opposing defenses) to key on one guy because the next two or three guys are pretty dangerous, too.”

Matt Godsil

“Whether it's mechanically or my game plan I'm not sure, but if I'm not executing it's hard to even figure out what you're doing wrong.”

Matt Morris

“In the first quarter we were executing offensively. We were looking to score. We had open shots, we were taking them and they were being extremely aggressive on the defensive end which helps us out a lot.”

Rachel Farwell

“It was probably a good thing for me to see that we weren't executing from bench to floor.”

Don Flanagan

“The general takeaway from our moonlighting is that Amazon is executing on its near-term and long-term financial and operating goals. Customers are plentiful and active, customer service levels are high, and operations are becoming more efficient.”

Jamie Kiggen

“I think we did a better job of executing our offense. We felt they were going to make a run; all good teams do that. Our job was to be sure we did not lose the lead totally.”

Marvin Neals

“We didn't do a very good job of executing our half-court offense in the second half, but fortunately, we had built such a big lead that we were able to hang on.”

Mark Hurt