Expectations Related Quotes

“We certainly better meet expectations, if not exceed. If Microsoft reports soft numbers, it will put a pale on the market for the next six months.”

Warren Simpson

“I don't have high expectations anymore. Maybe they've just been beaten out of me.”

Lisa Shue

We'll do what life always does defy expectations.

Robert Charles Wilson

“The overall productivity of the catching (a combined .271 with 28 homers and 108 RBIs) has surpassed our expectations.”

Dan O'brien

He knew even at an early age of seven, how dangerous it was for someone like him to have hope. He knows how to have no expectations. He can completely control not just what he wants, but what he needs

Alice Hoffman

“When you make speeches, you elicit expectations against which you will be held accountable.”

William Bradley

The best use of history is as an inoculation against radical expectations, and hence against embittering disappointments.

George Will

There is no corelation between life and death, except that life is the biggest lie we believed, while death; is the most certain truth.

Husam Wafaei

I don't have any expectations of anything.

Peter Capaldi

“I pretty much learned that I had to be patient. Coming in, I had high expectations. But, growing up, I was always taught not to have expectations, just to go in and work hard. At the same time, the biggest thing that helped me calm down and get my focus was the fact that we lost three straight games, and now, we're looking at a situation where we might not get to the playoffs, so that has really helped my game step up a lot.”

Cedrick Wilson