Expecting Related Quotes

“You never come in expecting to lose. You're confident in your team and what you can do.”

Allison Schlinkert

“It was spooky silent for the first few minutes ... We've been expecting this for a couple of months now, so it wasn't a shock, but it wasn't good news.”

Carlos Ghosn

“Texas is No. 2 in the nation for a reason. Everybody's upset and sad. We came in expecting a win. We've got to move forward.”

Cody Hodges

“The results came in slightly higher. We were expecting 1.040 billion pounds.”

Stewart Adkins

The expectation level is high at the University of Alabama and it should be. What's wrong with people expecting excellence?

Gene Stallings

“I was expecting him to maybe do more. It doesn't shock me he tied a record. He's a beast.”

Nate Salley

“It is on the drawing board, so we are expecting to see something from them soon. And we need it.”

Elizabeth Rich

“I'll take account of things at the end of the season. Now I'm expecting a good finish to the league season.”

Carlo Ancelotti

You have to find some way to not become a cynical or negative person, a person who keeps walking around and opening your eyes in the outside world but inside you close down, a person who stops expecting tomorrow to be better than today.

Richard Rohr

“The rivalry has been great for Alberta lacrosse. I'm expecting nothing less than an incredibly tough battle again.”

Chris Hall