Expense Related Quotes

“If they've gone to all that expense, they should indeed be allowed to continue.”

Ray Rose

The bonus for bankers fragilizes the system. Someone has the upside at the expense of others.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

“Given how close to the margin we've been operating, I think it would be prudent to avoid the expense and conduct the search ourselves.”

Dave Martin

FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell has said that several foreign dignitaries personally spoke to him about creating a new Internet user fee to subsidize an international universal service fund at the expense of traditional end users.

Marsha Blackburn

The hastily crafted [stimulus] bill, with its corrupt funding of ACORN and other favors, is a disgracefully irresponsible effort to expand the public sector, diminish the private sector, empower the autocrats, and further divest us of our individual liberties - all at the expense of present and future generations.

David Limbaugh

Elegance is necessarily unnatural, only achieveable at great expense. If you just do something, it won't be elegant, but if you do it and then see what might be more elegant, and do it again, you might, after an unknown number of iterations, get something that is very elegant.

Erik Naggum

“Learning to dislike children at an early age saves a lot of expense and aggravation later in life.”

Robert Byrne

Don't put needless expense into painting a head! Don't try to match tints! Rose and pearly colours blend into each other so that no one can unite them if painted separately. Keep the impression of your subject as one thing!

William Morris Hunt

There is a lack of collective support or social support for working people in America. We're told, "You can be, as an individual, anything you want to be, but it must be at something else's - or somebody else's - expense."

Stephanie Coontz

[On working with James Joyce:] So, either you run your publishing business far away, where your writer can't get at it, or you publish right alongside of him - and have much more fun - and much more expense.

Sylvia Beach