Experience Related Quotes

“Aaron is a high achiever with an exceptional background in the Washington, DC market. His breadth of experience in the boutique luxury segment, coupled with his understanding of fine customer service, make him a perfect fit to lead sales and marketing for this property.”

Vicki Denfeld

“I think for both sides, it's a learning experience. The kids get to get out on the ice and skate, while the players get a huge feeling of satisfaction in knowing how much they are helping out.”

Carol Piccari

Obviously an actor draws on his own experience.

Christopher Walken

“If you want to run, then run a mile. If you want to experience another life, run a marathon.”

Emil Zatopek

“Undermining experience, embellishing experience, rearranging and enlarging experience into a species of mythology.”

Philip Roth

The one reality you can't evade is personal experience.

David Bentley Hart

“I'm definitely going back. That was just for some experience, and it really helped my confidence knowing that I can pretty much hold my own with the top female shooters in the country. I proved to myself I can do it.”

Amy Smith

I have never enjoyed an experience that begins at five A.M.

Margo Kaufman

“People often experience the ball moving up in the air even though there is no ball present. They claim to see a ball moving but obviously it's not there so it must be in their mind.”

Gustav Kuhn

“They do a lot of things to help us enhance the visitor's experience,”

Ray Stevens