Expert Related Quotes

In Holland, everyone is an expert in painting and in tulips.

Albert Camus

“I don't think Alfonso was a big expert on Potter either. He was feeling his way through it more than I was.”

David Thewlis

The Bomb will never go off, and I speak as an expert in explosives.

William D. Leahy

Meryl Streep is expert at only using the requisite amount of energy to express her character, not an ounce too little or too much. She's Zen and doesn't know she's Zen. That's very Zen!

Frederick Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell

I'm not the expert on the great gameplay. I come in for the character design, monsters, atmosphere. I'm not the technician.

Clive Barker

“He always seemed to be an expert in anything and everything I needed to know. He was very knowledgeable culturally, just so aware, he knew about all the arts and introduced me to the arts.”

Diane Jacobowitz

The Independent Expert is persuaded that recognition of peace as a human right will promote a democratic and equitable international order and that national and international democratization will reduce conflict, since peoples want peace. It is Governments that stumble into war.

Alfred-maurice De Zayas

“It sounds as if they are combining technical expert discussions with highly-placed diplomatic efforts. They are making their best efforts on both sides and I take that as a good sign.”

Rose Gottemoeller

The more advanced the teacher, the better for you. The fifth degree black belt is so expert that they will understand that you're a beginner and throw you perfectly so that no harm will befall you.

Frederick Lenz

“I did a butterfly show in Berlin, and we had a guy who's an expert on butterflies; who bred them all and who looks after them all in the space.”

Damien Hirst