Explaining Related Quotes

Explaining the $1000 in cash and two watches he was given by two Japanese journalists after he helped arrange a private interview for them with First Lady Nancy Reagan: I didn't accept it. I received it.

Richard V. Allen

If you're explaining, you're losing.

Ronald Reagan

“They had to give a group oral presentation explaining the ride and the details they added.”

Natalie Boe

“With the referees coming into the room before the game and explaining the rules,”

Daniel Briere

“Explaining something sensible to Lord Killanin is akin to explaining something to a cauliflower. The advantage of the cauliflower is that if all else fails, you can always cover it with melted cheese and eat it.”

William E. Simon

The world gets more like Disneyland every day, and it's the same the other way round. I can't explain what I know. Try explaining RED to a DOG and see how fast he gets bored.

Grant Morrison

“Intel's pre-announcement goes a long way to explaining softness in the DRAM market. PCs consume well over one-half of all DRAMs.”

Drew Peck

We sometimes feel that if a person tromps over us after we've said no, then we must not have been clear. We can get caught in the trap of explaining again and again, meanwhile letting the other person take advantage of us.

Anne Katherine

“I do not believe that local governments have done a great job of explaining where current tax dollars are being expended. Before we propose something like this, we need to tell people where current money is going.”

Ken Ward

when driven to the necessity of explaining, I found that I did not myself understand what I meant.

Maria Edgeworth