Extremely Related Quotes

“We won the game tonight. We played extremely well for about 30 minutes. We got such a big lead we quit defending. They threw in some threes. We didn't play very smart the last three, four minutes. I didn't feel threatened but it was a single digit game.”

Mark Fox

“We're extremely excited about this new initiative.”

William Marshall

“In the coldest part of the solar system, we've found samples that have formed at extremely high temperatures. When these minerals formed, they were either red-hot or white-hot grains.”

Donald Brownlee

“We swam extremely well this weekend. The Woodlands has an awesome team and we knew we would have a tough time catching them. But we were able to get second and I'm very happy with that.”

Craig Harris

“This is an extremely committed audience who relate to this game as a lifestyle. Just like with other forms of entertainment, there'll be a number of secondary markets to emerge around these titles.”

Lisa Simpson

“We're extremely proud of the results that our team was able to deliver.”

Gene Stahl

“We're seeing some investors testing the tech waters, but the urge to sell after slight rises is extremely strong. This trend is unlikely to change soon given uncertainty over the high-tech profit outlook.”

Yoshihisa Okamoto

“Shaun's form has been outstanding and it was extremely difficult to leave him out of the starting side last week.”

Ewen Mckenzie

“While it's still critical, it's dropped out of the extremely critical stage.”

Patrick Dorinson

“Which is extremely poor, the homeless.”

Cindy Jolley