Faced Related Quotes

As each layer of shadow is mined from the darkness, as each fear is faced and each projection reclaimed, the gold shines through.

Connie Zweig

“I think there is less pressure here than what we faced in the conference tournament.”

Wes Moore

I'm a novelist: I spend a great part of my day pretending to myself that I'm in a different world, being a different person, faced with decisions I pretend I haven't created.

Nick Harkaway

“It is unprecedented, but equally these are unprecedented times. These are the biggest threats that London has ever faced in peacetime,”

Andy Trotter

Women are the victims of war... as widows they've faced the trauma of being single parents and livelihoods of families are affected. A lot of gender-related problems come up in terms of health, education, domestic violence, etc.

Kumari Jayawardena

She realized with deep respect that this woman had always done what she had to do and faced what she had to face. If many of her fears and burdens would have seemed unreal to another woman, there was nothing unreal about her courage.

Elizabeth Goudge

Faced with today's problems and disappointments, many people will try to escape from their responsibility. Escape in selfishness, escape in sexual pleasure, escape in drugs, escape in violence, escape in indifference and cynical attitudes. I propose to you the option of love, which is the opposite of escape."

Pope John Paul Ii

Every soldier, every cop who's faced with a decision to make, a life or death, does the best he or she can.

Peter T. King

“Reality in our century is not something to be faced.”

Graham Greene

Meg, don't you think you'd make a better adjustment to life if you faced facts?" I do face facts," Meg said. They're lots easier to face than people, I can tell you.

Madeleine L'engle