Facing Related Quotes

“It looks to me like employers are finally either facing or expecting a level of demand that's much more convincing to them, ... This is yet another piece of evidence that employers are shedding their excessively cautious ways.”

Jared Bernstein

“I didn't feel any effects of not facing hitters for a while. For the most part, I did what I wanted to do. I just left a couple pitches up.”

Mike Esposito

“He just walked away from his employer, and that's actually considered escape. Now he is facing up to 15 years in prison.”

Debbie Carter

“I don't even remember facing him. I think I might have faced him once when I got traded in 2003. He can do what he does. I'm going to make my living regardless of what he says or what he does. I never met the guy, so I don't even care. If he's going to do that, it just makes him look bad.”

Shea Hillenbrand

“There is a long, severe list of problems facing the new government. And this government is already at a disadvantage because Iraqis are tired of all the political squabbling.”

Zuheir Jazairy

“I like it a lot better coaching him than facing him. He's a good athlete that can catch the ball, run with it and make things happen.”

Dennis Franchione

“Clearly we're facing two of the top teams in the Big East. We have to bring our 'A' game and be prepared to play some ball.”

Karen Mullins

“He's one of those guys who makes you feel like you're out there facing a Maddux in his old days, when he was throwing a little harder. It's like if he gets down in the strike zone, he could throw a strike with his eye closed.”

Cliff Floyd

“He was facing down spread out. At that particular point I just grabbed him. I checked to see if I had a pulse I had a small pulse and I started doing the ABC's -- Airways Breathing and Circulation.”

Art Speight

“Thousands of family pets left homeless by Katrina and Rita are facing hunger, still wandering near their destroyed homes, and have no one to feed or care for them.”

David Meyer