Facing Related Quotes

“Overall, the momentum we are facing is very strong now, the performance is very healthy. We expect this to continue on to the first half.”

Chu Woo Sik

“The greatest IT risk facing most companies is more prosaic than a catastrophe. It is, simply, overspending.”

Nicholas G. Carr

“We're facing a situation in the latter part of the 2002 not unlike year 2000, when OPEC was in a position of having to unwind quotas to prevent too tight an oil balance,”

Michael Rothman

“We know what we're facing now. We're going down there, and it's going to be some sort of onslaught early in the game. We'll do our best to try and weather it.”

Scott Skiles

“From here on out he's going to start seeing more situations like that and he's going to be facing big lefthanders. And he's going to have to be ready to start getting them out.”

Dave Duncan

“That was more the team I'm used to facing. They weren't as aggressive tonight. That's what they normally do. They try to get your pitch count up quickly then get into your bullpen.”

Mark Hendrickson

“These are the steps we feel, strongly, need to be taken if what we're facing is a new paradigm in hurricane activity.”

Mayco Villafana

“[Sony Corp., Toshiba Corp., NEC Corp., and Fujitsu are facing issues similar to their U.S. rivals.] They were not doing well in the worldwide markets, ... They were being forced out by HP and Compaq.”

Martin Reynolds

“I tried to sequence some pitches and approaches as if I was facing big league hitters. But I pitched, and I haven't done that in a long, long time, since early 2004, without other questions going on.”

Curt Schilling

“We have to deal first with new academic programs. With the type of budget constraints we are facing, it is hard for the board to add a new athletic program.”

Paul Beckwith