Fair Related Quotes

“We didn't get out a lot. We went from hotels to grounds most days and we watched a fair bit of telly and stayed in reasonable hotels, so it was fine.”

James Franklin

Golf is not a fair game, so why build a course fair?

Pete Dye

A good leader must be fair.

Yao Ming

“We have seen a fair amount of distribution lately, as the market has sold off on increasing volume. This is a sign that institutions are moving to the sidelines and lightening up their equity exposure.”

Mark Arbeter

“Even virtue is more fair when it appears in a beautiful person”


“FAIR members represented here are expected to rise to the occasion and take advantage of these opportunities. Insurance companies should develop appropriate products and services that satisfy the unique needs of the citizens of the two regions.”

Cde Nhema

“I am proud of the recommendations the commission submitted to the president, ... We reached our decisions through an open, fair, non-partisan process.”

Anthony Principi

Twere sin to stain fair Venus' courts with blood

Robert Greene

“Government doesn't have the money to keep up with the developers, so we're asking them to pay their fair share for traffic they bring into the area.”

Wayne Howard

“We're exceptionally gratified, ... I think it's fair to say we're elated.”

Ed Rendell