Fairly Related Quotes

“That's a very significant amount to lose, and we have a fairly good attendance.”

Gaylen Freeman

“March looks like a fairly spectacular month.”

Carl Wittnebert

“Relative to the bankrupt carriers, this is a fairly strong liquidity position, but obviously they face cash flow pressures,”

William Warlick

“Usually the case of teams that are fairly similar, one team is going to let up mentally.”

Kim Maher

“If you're one of those unlucky people who happens to get it, it's fairly dangerous. It's got a 35 to 40 percent mortality rate.”

Chris Conlan

“There is fairly strong evidence that employment in the Irish economy is concentrated in low productivity activities such as construction and the public sector. It is clear that wider technology diffusion is the corrective factor needed to avoid us sleepwalking into a competitiveness demise.”

Danny Mccoy

“Sun's intra-quarter call confirmed the fairly grim picture of demand that we have been seeing,”

Laura Conigliaro

“They probably are treating him with some fairly effective treatments that we have to dehydrate the brain and reduce the swelling and reduce pressure. But it is all mopping up a huge mess after the fact.”

Dr Stephan Mayer

“You can define a complex thing with a fairly simple model.”

Gordon Hammond

“The market feels fairly comfortable with the crude it has at these prices. It's difficult for me to envision (the OPEC offer) having too much of an impact. Crude inventories here in the U.S. are looking pretty good.”

Doug Macintyre