Fairy Related Quotes

“When fairy tales are written in the west, they're known as folklore. In the east, fairy tales are called religions.”

Paul Henderson

Many of us live in dysfunctional families, and so even if it's in a fairy tale, or perhaps because it's in a fairy tale, we have a chance to look at that side of our reflected lives differently.

Kenneth Branagh

“I liked the idea that this character is sort of like a fairy tale, a princess-y character, very one-sided, no emotional depth,”

Christina Ricci

“God defend me from that Welsh fairy,Lest he transform me to a piece of cheese!”

William Shakespeare

Do we believe that there is equal economic opportunity out there in the real world, right now, for each and every one of these groups? If we believed in the tooth fairy, if we believed in the Easter Bunny, we might well believe that.

William Weld

“Men say that in this midnight hour, The disembodièd have power To wander as it liketh them, By wizard oak and fairy stream.”

William Motherwell

“Adults don't take fairy tales seriously but just see them as reading for children. I have found fertile fields to explore in those stories.”

Daisuke Takahashi

“The past year [2004] has been the best ever. I feel like I've got a fairy godmother watching over me.”

Cheryl Tweedy

“We studied many different versions of classic fairy tales from different cultures around the world. We took stories like Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood and studied at least five versions of each so the students could compare and contrast them.”

Cindy Williams

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.

Hans Christian Andersen