Families Related Quotes

“The first families that are feeling this in terms of a real squeeze are those that are on more restrictive incomes, those who can least afford it.”

Cathy Schoen

“You could look at it like that. But particularly for those families who have young drivers, it is excellent. For young drivers it's not a question of will they have an accident but when.”

Mike Mcgraw

“Families die off, there's no city or state money to maintain them, and they get overgrown or become a trash dump.”

Dale Flatt

“Our patients are very busy people with families that just want to come in and have their problems taken care of and leave.”

Cindy Culpepper

“The spring festival's quite boring for me, because all the friends must be at home with families and nobody party with me. So I turn to the Internet.”

Zhao Lele

“It is simply unacceptable to delay the closure and finality that these families deserve,”

Carl Levin

“Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and the families affected by Katrina.”

Michael Osullivan

“It's a charged issue emotionally because you have families that have lost a member and they want to have the ability to memorialize that person. The goal is to have this statewide policy in place so that all sides can be satisfied somewhat.”

Melissa Savage

“We have seen many times over that when it comes to drought, the families need to survive overrides the long term educational development of children.”

Changu Mannathoko

“To the families of the victims and those close to them, I express my most heartfelt condolences,”

Jacques Chirac