Fans Related Quotes

I'm probably one of my three biggest fans on the planet.

Eric Roberts

“To some Elvis fans, Graceland is the Mecca of pop-culture kitsch, but to many of the 2,500 tourists who arrive there each day... it's the hallowed shrine of a distinctly American saint.”

Elaine Robbins

I'm a Brooklyn guy onstage, and I try to really feed my fans with the kind of material they expect from me.

Andrew Dice Clay

“I've heard it's a great college environment. It's a loud stadium. The fans are into it. It's a tough place to play. That's what I've heard.”

Chan Gailey

My dream was always to hop up on stage in front of my fans every night and perform.

Avril Lavigne

“I thought it would be great for WWF fans, especially Canadians, to see Bret back in some capacity.”

Vince Mcmahon

“We've heard that Mississippi State is a tough place to play. The fans have their cowbells, and they're trying to crank it up. They are a good defensive team, and it's a hostile environment.”

Danny Ware

I love my fans more than life itself

Miley Cyrus

“It would have been a disaster for our fans.”

Steve Holton

Fans feel they know me, so they want me to be on-the-spot funny, and it's hard to fulfil their expectations.

Chris Lilley