Fans Related Quotes

“Sports, music, movies - basically, fans of any form of entertainment don't do a resume analysis before picking their favorite.”

Mark Cuban

“Music fans shouldn't have to install potentially dangerous, privacy intrusive software on their computers just to listen to the music they've legitimately purchased.”

Cindy Cohn

Man, I don't got any real fans. Just fair-weather ones and groupies.


The fans have been great with me. I think they appreciate that I don't take an at-bat off.

Mike Lowell

I'm home. I hope the Manchester United fans forgive me for being late.

Robin Van Persie

As the game gets bigger for the fans it gets bigger for the players.

Michael Strahan

I'm not a horror fans as much as I'm a fan of thrillers.

Eric Christian Olsen

“I'm hungry, our whole team's hungry. I want to get off to a fast start and prove to the fans and everybody that this team's strong.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr

I'm aware the fans in the U.S. can be less forgiving...I'll just have to do my best to please them.

Hideki Matsui

“Right now, we're just trying to rally support from students and fans and alumni.”

Devon Goudge