Fans Related Quotes

Love your haters - they're your biggest fans

Kanye West

“I wouldn't take the reaction of the fans as a factor in which player I sign. I would be amazed if he didn't get a good reaction when he comes back.”

Clinton Morrison

“[Asked by St. Louis congressman William Clay whether he could assure fans he had played] with honesty and integrity, ... I'm not going to go into the past or talk about my past. I'm here to make a positive influence on this.”

Mark Mcgwire

“A physical player that finished his checks and could play that grinding game which all fans would respect, but certainly in Philly they really respected that kind of play.”

Keith Acton

“I love the stuff the fans shot of each other.”

Adam Yauch

“If moving one of our dates to another market could sell tickets and give fans a chance to see racing in other parts of the country, it's hard for me to say that's not good for the sport. That's just the way we have to look at it,”

Chris Browning

“For sports fans, watching events like this weekend's Super Bowl or the upcoming March Madness tournament in crystal clear HD is the next best thing to being in the front row.”

Dave Watson

Over the course of television's history, I think fans have done more to save shows and support them than ruin them.

Graham Yost

“We are Houston fans, ... and since I've played there, we've lived there. For us it's long-suffering. Forty-four years of getting close and not getting to the big dance has been a little bit frustrating, so this is a wonderful accomplishment for our city, for our organization, everybody who's been involved with it.”

Phil Garner

“My heart will always be with the Boston fans. I hope that everyone who truly loves me will still support me now that I won't be with the Red Sox,”

Cy Young