Fantastic Related Quotes

“It was a win, which is great and fantastic,”

Alicia Molik

“We're totally thrilled. You couldn't get two more different cities, yet we had a fantastic audience response in both, proving this film plays well in big cities and in the heartland.”

Chris Sheridan

“Of course it is fantastic for us. The decision was expected but we could never be sure and now we are really happy to get to the start-line on Friday morning. We want to thank all other competitors. We will do everything we can to give them a hard fight!”

Daniel Carlsson

“It feels fantastic -- I can't believe it. I didn't even expect to win one gold medal so I'm overwhelmed.”

Caitlin Mcclatchey

“Whatever he touches turns to gold. For me, it's a fantastic opportunity to play against him.”

Charlie Hodgson

“The response from local employers has been gratifying. We have a lot of fantastic companies attending. There is a wide variety for the employees to benefit from.”

George Cunningham

“The White team did a fantastic job this season. I am proud of the way the ladies came together and played team basketball. They have a lot to be proud of as they accomplished a lot throughout the year.”

Dawn Hilburn

“I think the U.S. does a fantastic job of monitoring and inspecting fish.”

Art Frazier

“Our top three with Josh are fantastic. All of them are better than last year and based on how they ran at Nystrom's (summer running series) all should be in the top six.”

Mark Olsen

“It was a fantastic match, ... I didn't come here well prepared because I just came from Davis Cup. But so far it's been great results for me.”

Roger Federer