Fastballs Related Quotes

“He can really pitch. This is a guy who two years ago bounced a lot of fastballs that fell short of the target. He has worked hard. ... Today, he is right there striking out people, stopping rallies, fielding his position, getting base hits and challenging hitters.”

Felipe Alou

“I feel more comfortable batting second because I see more fastballs. That's the difference from batting eighth. You see a lot of breaking balls because of the pitcher (coming up).”

Ronny Cedeno

“Mostly, I was throwing fastballs and locating them.”

Cliff Lee

“When you've got the lead, you've got to pitch ahead; you've got to throw fastballs. You've got to put it down the middle of the plate and say, ?Hey, let's see how far you can hit it,' and we didn't. We were too cautious.”

Harry Tholen

“Two 3-1 counts, and we got fastballs up to guys you don't want to get fastballs up to, and they hit them out.”

Mike Hargrove

“[Rivera threw Damon 10 pitches, all of them cut fastballs with the intent of breaking in toward the lefthanded hitter.] I didn't want to give him anything so he can get a little blooper or something like that, ... I won't be able to sleep tonight.”

Mariano Rivera

“His command has greatly improved, and so has the movement on fastballs. He developed a changeup that he didn't have in high school, and he's grown up physically.”

Larry Chase

“Early, he was topping out about 84 (mph), throwing BP fastballs. Obviously you can't keep pitching down in the zone at 85, so he elevated a few balls and we were unable to square them up.”

Royce Clayton

“I felt perfect on the mound. I threw all fastballs. I hoped to get to throw some more but the hitters were swinging at the first pitch. But if I have to choose five pitches or 15, I'll take five every day.”

Eric Gagne

“I don't like what happened, but the good thing is that I threw fastballs and my arm felt fine.”

C.c. Sabathia