Federal Related Quotes

“These lower-premium plans can mask hidden costs for federal employees, ... The cheaper premium is usually coupled with higher deductibles, meaning federal workers will simply pay higher out-of-pocket costs or avoid visiting the doctor.”

Colleen Kelley

“The federal government doesn't have the money. The rebuilding money should come from state and local budgets. States should issue bonds for long-term investments for freeways and the like. ... They should look at innovative private financing mechanisms.”

Chris Edwards

“There's a federal election going on. This is smoke and mirrors so they can say they are being tough on crime.”

Donny Peterson

“New York state does not require insurance on either commercial or private boats. The federal government does not require it on the vessels it oversees, either.”

Catherine Jimenez

“It's a great day for Indiana. The hard work at all levels of federal, state and local government has paid off.”

Dan Burton

“that there was gross misconduct and criminal acts committed by federal agents.”

James Pate

“It helped us pull down that federal money. It's the biggest paving project we have ever had.”

David Knight

“We've spent $35 million and growing for damages to the university. We're still waiting for federal monies, but we have started a capital campaign until that kicks in.”

Warren Bell

“The federal government continues to support the critical work of our nation's firefighters by ensuring departments attain a basic capability level through the competitive Assistance to Firefighters Grant program.”

Charlie Dickinson

“There is a human capital crisis in the federal government. Not only are we losing the decades of talent as civil servants retire, we are not doing enough to develop and nurture the next generation of public servants.”

Daniel Akaka