Feel Good Related Quotes

I always feel in improv that nothing is ever as good once it's repeated.

Paul Feig

We feel that we have to be right so that we can feel good... The whole right and wrong business closes us down and makes our world smaller.

Pema Chodron

I'm embracing many different things, but it's all feel-good.

Christina Aguilera

It's important to feel good.

Rhonda Byrne

I have this disease that if I feel good somewhere, I... buy a house.

Christian Louboutin

It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves, you know, to put other people down, or make fun of them, or maybe make mockery of their work and that doesn't make me feel good at all.

Lady Gaga

I feel so good singing songs that I sang with my father.

Mavis Staples

Is you look good, you feel good!

Sophie Kinsella

I got my career started late so, even though I'm getting older, I don't have as much wear and tear on my arm. I feel good. I really do.

Kurt Warner

Barack Obama makes me feel good to be a black man.

Snoop Dogg