Feelings Related Quotes

I have no human feelings.

Karl Lagerfeld

“Through the blackness of night, morning gently tiptoes, feeling its way to dawn.”

Robert Brault

I have no ill feelings for nobody, I wish everybody the best, and I'm cool with everybody.

Lil Jon

Writing is a splendid sorter of... feelings, better even than paint.

Emily Carr

“We made the wrong decision tonight, Danielle. And we made that decision because of your personal feelings. Period And it's a bad, bad, bad thing. Bruce is falling apart. It's not his fault, but he's 58 and nervous.”

Shane Powers

Remind yourself: you are not your thoughts or feelings

Arianna Huffington

For me, baseball just brings up a lot of nostalgic, happy feelings because I enjoyed it as a kid, and I liked being out there playing in the sun, and it was a simpler time for all of us.

Robert Lorenz

“I can't put my feelings into words. I don't know what's going on. My words won't flow right now.”

William Glass

“Feelings are waters flowing in chain from soul to soul – do you know the shape of the Universe? Neither do I, but I imagine this chain of souls drinking from souls and these from others...”

Mariana Fulger