Feet Related Quotes

“It doesn't take much to flood those islands. With a storm surge of 4 to 6 feet, it's still going to cover a great deal. Depending on how well the homes are built and how old they are, they can get flooded out pretty fast.”

Michelle Huber

“Anything you can do with your hands and feet. Great.”

Damien Hirst

“I just feel better and a little more comfortable. I got my feet wet last year.”

Conor Jackson

When you know a place, your feet have walked it so many times there's a comfort to it.

Kate Tempest

“You can't see 100 feet away, hardly.”

Randy Teeney

Give the opponents more than one reason to stare at your feet.

Lionel Messi

My friends think its weird that I spray perfume on my feet.

Chantal Sutherland

“In some places along this area the trash is 60 feet deep and keeps bubbling up from the ground. We can clean up an area that desperately needed it and allow that area to develop into something that we can all be proud of.”

Mary Carter

Hockey is a fast, body-contact game played by men with clubs in their hands and knives laced to their feet.

Paul Gallico

“I am totally in support of this bill. Everyone who lives in the ghetto lives within 1,500 feet of a housing project or a school.”

Carolyn Nah