Felon Related Quotes

“The person involved with the car was a violent dangerous felon known to carry firearms.”

Darren Moloney

“They went in with a slow, methodical approach because we knew we had a violent felon inside and we knew we had a child inside. There was a dog inside, and they heard a dog barking. But there had been no contact whatsoever. They didn't even hear a child crying, nothing.”

Darren Moloney

“The effect of their (the administration's) policy, by not taking the drug dealer with a gun, the violent felon with a gun, and the gang member with a gun off the street is somebody later gets killed.”

Wayne Lapierre

“take into account that she is a convicted felon.”

Paul Matthews

“Two, I had to look at the bigger picture. I got him convicted. He is a convicted felon. He is out of office. The Whitley County Jail will reopen. It will save taxpayers thousands of dollars. It is a decision I had to make.”

Eddie Montgomery

“We had a convicted felon as the president. ... And no organization.”

Felix Sabates

“We're relying on the most cunning, diabolical, secret type of felon to be trustworthy and honest where they reside and we take them for their word at that.”

Andy Kahan

“There is no rule that politicians can't have friends. They want this man to become a convicted felon and his life destroyed because he had friendships.”

Dan K. Webb

“This was a one-on-one encounter between an officer and a violent felon. And there's no question that, in the end, this guy suffered injuries and I've got to look into that. But I'm also weighing ... you know, we got officers out there who are trying to do the right thing to protect our citizens and I've got to weigh, I've got to get the facts and weigh what happened.”

Chief Daniel Oates

“Realistically, I think we accomplished what we hoped to do. He is [now] a convicted felon, his business is shut down and he's going to be locked up.”

Caroline Shepherd