Felt Related Quotes

“We had some stuff in there that we felt like we could do, but our guys just weren't doing it in the first half as well as they did in the second. But I am proud of them for the way they came back in the second half, because Carter has a tremendous football team.”

David Ryan

“I felt like the president.”

Denise Brooks

“We've actually been at the low-end of the Street range for the fourth quarter ... (and) felt that we had to go even lower, so we did -- a nine percent across-the-board trimming here for the fourth quarter, ... The backlogs are still very significant, but the current environment is just not allowing deals to get done.”

Richard Strauss

“My sophomore year I took a crazy shot and I felt the spit on the back of my neck from half-court.”

Rashad Anderson

“It made the sessions easier and I felt secure knowing that when I bussed out my code down the line to New York that it was going digitally.”

Andy Greenberg

“I felt like I was flowing. My timing was there. Something wasn't working out.”

Daron Rahlves

“I felt if we went to overtime, we'd be OK. Two of their guys had fouled out.”

Kelvin Garnett

“There have been many customizations that the Judiciary felt (were) needed.”

Marsha Kitagawa

“I don't remember too much. It felt good when it left my hand.”

Richard Midgley

“I felt physically OK, ... I fell behind some hitters, and that usually is a recipe for giving up some runs.”

Chris Capuano