Felt Related Quotes

“The governor himself did not put pressure on Haralson County. We felt pressure because all the other schools in the state were closing. It was just what the governor said. We felt pressure from that.”

Charles Smith

“I felt confident about the game plan, and I felt really good. It's the fifth game of the season. You don't want to say it's a must-win, but that's what it felt like. It was a must-win situation for us. Our guys responded well.”

Kelly Holcomb

“It feels really good to finish off the week with the title. I felt like I could have done much more. On one hand, I was getting some free points from her side as well. I think we both didn't really play our best, but we both wanted to win and were trying as much as we could out there. I'm quite happy everything finished in two sets.”

Nadia Petrova

“I made a mistake and now I'll have to wait a couple of days. I felt it warming up and thought it's not too serious. I tried to throw and look what happened.”

Armando Benitez

“That really felt good. I was really looking forward to playing against them and it was a lot nicer when I was able to get a goal.”

Donnie Giovacchini

“It felt like they were doing that all game. They kept clawing back in. They are a good team.”

Dru Joyce

“Given that low-level trace occurrences appear to be continuing, we felt it important to re-double our efforts to identify the cause of these test results.”

Mark Miles

“Their proposals fell short of what we felt we could achieve in direct negotiations. The results of [Tuesday's] vote show our members agree.”

Scotty Ford

?It's good to know my instincts haven't gone anywhere, ... With each swing I felt more and more comfortable in there. I'd have to admit that I was satisfied with the results.?

Barry Bonds

“What I felt in that moment I can't describe. You want to cry. You want to dance a jig on the side of the road.”

Wiley Clark