Felt Related Quotes

“He just doesn't feel like his cars felt like last year.”

Ray Evernham

“After two days of heavy activity I finally felt much less affected by the altitude, and my game picked up.”

Gisela Dulko

“I felt so much pressure to make our quarterly earnings.”

Kenneth Rice

“I think it?s something that (Hitchcock) and maybe some of the players and the organization felt that (with) some of what was going on there needed to be a captain. One of (Hitchcock?s) biggest concerns was to have that voice in the room. The voice about the way we?re supposed to be playing and the system we?re supposed to be playing. Someone to preach and to hold guys accountable toward the team.”

Derian Hatcher

“I've often felt that things are blurred, and we don't remember what went on or appreciate what just happened,”

Michael Rosen

“Even as a small child I never felt that I should have to compete with anyone - even my older brother.”

Dwayne Hickman

“I heard the boos at the game, but you've got to understand -- I wanted to boo, too. I felt them. I don't take that personal, man. ... The booing doesn't bother me. I've been in the league 12 years and, like I said, I wanted to boo my damn self.”

Chris Webber

“We never felt like we were out of the game. But their defense forced a lot of turnovers. You can't turn the ball over 32 times against a team as good as Barton and expect to win.”

Wendy Lee

“We felt that our team needed a kick-start.”

David Nonis

“That was so frustrating. I felt like I had let everyone down.”

C.j. Bell