Fifty Related Quotes

I think people love each other a little more than they hate each other ... Love has a slim hold on the human corporation, like fifty-one per cent, but it's enough.

Peter De Vries

She had five tapes from him now - which meant, if her batteries lasted, she had four hundred and fifty minutes to spend with Park in her head, holding his hand.

Rainbow Rowell

Imagine jumping into a pit of boiling acid. Now multiply that pain times fifty." -Percy

Rick Riordan

Cigars served me for precisely fifty years as protection and a weapon in the combat of life... I owe to the cigar a great intensification of my capacity to work and a facilitation of my self-control.

Sigmund Freud

A couple of flitches of bacon are worth fifty thousand Methodist sermons and religious tracts. They are great softeners of temper and promoters of domestic harmony.

William Cobbett

People are here because they've got baggage. I'm talking curbside-check-in, pay-the-fine-'cause-it's-over-fifty-pounds kind of baggage. Get it?

Lauren Kate

If fifty thousand men were to die for the good of the State, I certainly would weep for them, but political necessity comes before everything else.

Napoleon Bonaparte

“Yesterday in Egypt, archaeologists discovered the burial site for the 50 children of Ramses II... Fifty children! What I want to know is, who decided to name a condom after this guy?”

Conan O'brien

“Change excites me. I am fifty years old. It's when the mind catches up with the body.”

Raquel Welch

Never shall I forget those naked, clean-swept little Canadian towns, one just like the other. Before I was twelve years old, I must have lived in fifty of them.

Marie Dressler