Figures Related Quotes

“We have had some bumper figures from Exxon and that augurs well for Shell later in the week.”

Richard Hunter

“There is a steady migration of recruitment dollars going online, ... Employment figures are trading catalysts but this is a secular growth story, not a cyclical one, so month-to-month employment numbers are less and less relevant.”

Mark Mahaney

“The consumer spending figures are better that what we were expecting... The October revision is important and it shows the trend in the fourth quarter is positive.”

David Naude

“The January figures were seasonal and temporary.”

Akitsugu Bando

“The figures being thrown around are just fanciful. They are absolutely, categorically wrong.”

Rob Clarke

“Today's manufacturing output figures were mediocre and disappointing overall,”

David Kern

“We have sat down and done the figures, and the result is that there has been an increase of just under 10-per-cent on last year's sales. We're not up in purely money terms, just on ticket sales, but it's good news for the club.”

Chris Hamilton

“The dollar's bearish (weaker) trend is expected to continue unless the GDP figures are significantly stronger (than exported) or the market finds strong signals for further rate hikes in the Fed statement.”

Yasuhisa Ishida

“We are aiming for an exhibit of accurate figures -- uniforms and settings. First, Jef designed exhibits to scale; now he wants to do life-sized exhibits. He takes mannequins that have virtually no expression and then makes rugged soldiers out of them. Every little detail on the uniform is accurate.”

Maggie De Weirdt

“It's unusual to have such correspondence between two such great 20th century figures.”

Martin Gammon