Filling Related Quotes

“Unfortunately, the hiring process took longer than anticipated. When filling a position such as this one, finding a candidate with the right mix of experience and knowledge of the area is a priority.”

Clifford Inn

Because of my tremendous respect for Bob Barker and for the show's high standards of professionalism I consider this a tremendous honor that few announcers have ever been treated to. Both Rod's and Johnny's shoes are huge; I can't think about filling them.

Randy West

Feeding a baby is like filling a hole with putty - you get it in and then you sort of shave off all the excess around the hole and get it back in, like you're spackling.

Anne Lamott

I no longer buy papers or tabloids or magazines or read blogs. I used to. But it was just filling up my day with hatred.


I couldn't see myself filling some definite niche in what is called a career. This was all misty.

Carl Sandburg

You don't restore 'The Last Supper' by filling in the missing bits - you preserve. You accept the material that has somehow survived.

David Chipperfield

Education is not filling

William Butler Yeats

Each multiplex has screens allocated to each studio. The screens need filling. Studios have to create product to fill their screen, and the amount of good product is limited.

Orson Welles

“I see it more as a horizontal extension versus filling up a horizontal stack. I see it as another way to do SOA.”

Nathaniel Palmer

Humans abhor a vacuum. The immediate filling of a vacuum is one of the basic functions of speech. Meaningless conversations are no less important in our lives than meaningful ones.

Lidiya Ginzburg