Financially Related Quotes

“I'm for it in principle. I personally think it would be good for the town financially.”

Don Mckinnon

“I wasn't ready emotionally or financially to retire, but that was the only alternative I had. I could not stay there facing him every day, because I knew what he had done to my son. I couldn't stand being there anymore.”

Ken Schmidt

“In terms of workload, it?s been a strain. But financially, we?re fine.”

Pat Gruber

“A list of authors who have made themselves most beloved and therefore, most comfortable financially, shows that it is our national joy to mistake for the first-rate, the fecund rate.”

Dorothy Parker

“We really suffered. We suffered financially and emotionally. We sold our home, our second car, anything we could live without we did without, cell phones, newspapers. I learned to buy the cheapest food we could buy. We moved in with my twin sister. My husband was not allowed the dignity of dying in his own home.”

Cathy Peterson

“We're clearly putting more than just our names to this project - we're investing financially and creatively to develop an idyllic environment that reflects our personal tastes and interests.”

George Clooney

“I think we are dealing with an extraordinarily difficult year financially. We can't afford to leave any stone unturned.”

Pam Richardson

“Now, financially there is no consideration, ... The price difference between bio and regular is maybe 2 percent. Now with what's been going on this week, it's not even that.”

Dave Williams

“It's a great foundation. Financially, we're on solid ground, and the teams love coming here.”

Will Webb

“A lot of times, guys get older and they're so financially secure and they have records and stuff, you could easily lose a little competitive desire. But he hasn't lost any.”

Dusty Baker