Financing Related Quotes

“We are extremely pleased with the closing of this financing, which reiterates the commitment and confidence our shareholders have in this business, and reinvigorates our near-term expansion plans. This funding will help enable us to rapidly expand the availability of affordable broadband service to homes and offices that lie beyond the reach of other broadband Internet services.”

Dave Leonard

“Unless results improve over the next few quarters or [capital] spending is scaled back, AMD will require external financing in 2003 to fund operations.”

Credit Suisse First Boston

“Mergers and acquisitions have been very strong and produced a lot of ancillary financing.”

Guy Moszkowski

“The city cannot afford to continue financing for the zoo.”

Ceeon Quiett

“We can't comment on the details of the financing.”

Hideo Azuma

“While we are pleased with the level of post-petition financing we were able to obtain, we must stop using borrowed money to fund our losses.”

Edward Bastian

“I think that impact of that program is not as strong as when it was first announced, ... Zero percent financing was like a tidal wave and you had to get on the wave or you'd be swept under. But I think the program is still perceived as having a lot of value.”

George Pipas

“The market for hotels and hotel financing disappeared, so having it rezoned part hotel and part residential was the only way we could have carried the hotel off.”

Kathleen Webb

“Our assessment is that a staggering amount of terror financing travels through ordinary western banking channels. We believe that the banks knowingly facilitate terror financing.”

Gary Osen

“We're not simply financing a picture and then going to look for distribution, ... For the most part we're partnering with studio distributors before the films go into production so that we're sharing the upside and sharing the risk. It also gives us a third-party sanity check.”

David Weil