Financing Related Quotes

“We believe that Dana is struggling to obtain secured bank financing and a bank deal may not materialize, or if it does, it may be too small to allow Dana to weather company specific and industry head winds.”

Rod Lache

“Mergers and acquisitions have been very strong and produced a lot of ancillary financing.”

Guy Moszkowski

“What you've been seeing is a very favorable financing climate in which investors are on the lookout for paper, yet corporations seem largely unwilling to step in and issue new bonds.”

Christopher Garman

“[Financing] for the whole range of federal programs has almost been doubled.”

German Gref

“This financing represents 2 percent of our budget _ our accounts are public _ and, aside from the fact that it comes from the U.S. Congress and not the White House, it is assigned to our activities in support of imprisoned African journalists. It has nothing to do with Western Hemisphere.”

Robert Menard

“We are quite pleased to announce the inclusion of Siemens in our financing efforts.”

Harry Stylli

“They came completely prepared to answer all of our questions. They will be able to obtain the necessary financing to complete the project.”

Carl Goldberg

“The bigger bubble is actually in the financing of homes. Mortgage lenders have loosened their lending standards. Rather than telling a lot of would-be buyers, particularly in places like California, that they don't qualify, they're coming up with all sorts of so-called innovative alternative financing.”

Ed Yardeni

“If we were to win the proposal, we would get financing from NASA, from us, and from the banks. The cost is really not that much. What you're really doing is clustering 10 V-2 engines on the Canadian Arrow, and putting the Silver Dart on top of it.”

Chirinjeev Kathuria

“This proposal from the Bank does not suggest a strong ambition to re-direct financing away from existing fossil fuel patterns, or to deliver sustainable energy to the two billion people currently without.”

Catherine Pearce