Finding Related Quotes

“The commission found there was a violation of Ohio's false statements statute. They decided to let the finding stand on its own and not take further action.”

Phil Richter

“No game is going to be easy. We're still finding out about our team and finding chemistry. But we are a tough team, a gritty team.”

Wesley Morgan

“We did an exceptional job of finding the open people. Our ball movement against their zone led to those looks. And of course, the guys have to step up and knock them in.”

Chad Wintz

“I've always had a knack for finding the goal line,”

Priest Holmes

“The public is concerned about coming home and not finding their houses; that's not going to happen,”

Dan Brown

“Finding the right combination of players. I think we have one more level to get to and we're going to strive to get there.”

Chris Hall

“We are finding that things that once appeared to be biologically independent are closely connected. We are not just collections of independent parts.”

Peter K. Sorger

“Finding someone who's so heartless as to leave their dying son in the lurch as a means to escape, as a pass to freedom, is what's shocking about this.”

Paul Simpson

“If you don't find God in the next person you meet, it is a waste of time looking for him further.”

Mahatma Gandhi

“You're banking on getting in and seizing your objectives -- finding Saddam, for instance -- and taking over a city [without] getting bogged down in urban warfare.”

Eric Schmitt