Finding Related Quotes

“Tiffany is a young pitcher who is still learning. We're finding out what he can and can't do at this level, and we just have to make a few adjustments.”

Xavier Hernandez

“We don't believe the evidence found or supported a finding of liability against any of the defendants. And given the plaintiff's injuries, a bump on the head and a bruise on the arm, that $700,000 was excessive.”

Mark Davis

“Part of it has to do with the actual journey of finding your own identity, apart from your mother's, while you're still connected to her.”

Whitney Ransome

“We are in the process of bringing in dedicated people to work in the lab finding opportunities and helping companies grow.”

Danny Cohen

“The biggest loser is Iran because there has finally been a finding that they are in non-compliance and that changes the equation enormously...They are now considered violators and no longer a member of the club.”

Henry Sokolski

“We were in a rhythm moving the ball, finding each other and finding the lanes. The passing game has been what we've been focusing on the last couple days of practice.”

Annelise Legel

“He didn't fall off the edge mentally, which would have been easy to do after finding out about his grandmother. He wanted to get on the mat and when they chose bottom, I knew he would win it.”

Scot Weaver

“Danny really had the hot hand. He's had some big nights like this. We did a nice job of finding him and getting him the ball.”

Shaun Busick

“Maybe my job is finding better shootout players. We haven't fared very well in shootouts. That's something you're able to gain extra points.”

Mike Kitchen

“I don't think anybody could argue he should not be in the squad, it's just a case of finding a spot for him.”

Des Morris