Finding Truth Related Quotes

Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.

Casey Stengel

The future would end up finding out the truth about the past.

Paulo Coelho

For reporting a scientific finding, I was called a 'conspiracy theorist.' Only in America is scientific analysis seen as conspiracy theory and government lies as truth.

Paul Craig Roberts

My thesis in terms of all my art is finding the beauty in the ugly truth. Just find the beauty in realism and what's there.

Nikki Jean

Truth suffers no loss if a vehement youth fails in finding it, in the same way that virtue and religion suffer no detriment if a criminal denies them.

Friedrich Schiller

To tell the truth, fairytales have never gone out of style. They have been told and retold for thousands of years, finding new shapes and structures with each new generation of tellers.

Kate Forsyth

Acting is all about finding the truth within whatever world you're in.

Karen Gillan

[Getting the truth in the New York Post has been as] difficult as finding a good hamburger in Albania.

Paul Newman

When you're working for yourself and your own obsession with finding the truth, you're at your own mercy.

Errol Morris

More important than finding the teacher is finding and following the truth of the teaching....

Sogyal Rinpoche