Finish Related Quotes

“I either finish this tour ecstatically happy and want to go on tour everywhere, or I'll end up just going back to my cave for another five years.- Talking about his North American tour in 1974.”

George Harrison

“I'm tickled. Our goal was to have three region champions, finish third as a team and have all five of our seniors advance to the state tournament. Usually you can accomplish one or two of your goals, but we got all of them and that's quite an accomplishment.”

Chris Adams

“To finish ninth, that's a real testament to these guys. We only brought six wrestlers and four of them got medals, so I couldn't be prouder of them.”

Mike Mclaughlin

“I came in after the seventh and coach asked me if I wanted to finish. And of course I said yes because in that situation you just don't want to come out.”

Dan Delucia

“We played to win from start to finish. Some things didn't go our way and I think the guys persevered tonight. It was nice to hear in the final seconds the guys up on the bench believing we could still win.”

Kevin Sneddon

“I guess it was important to finish .500 or better, but we still came up short (of the playoffs). That's disappointing.”

Nick Johnson

“I addressed him: 'Come on, let's go.' I didn't expect to see him struggling to finish.”

Matt Stallbaumer

“We started something two years ago that I fully intend to see through until the finish. I'm proud to be the head coach of the Tiger-Cats and I am pleased with the strides we have already made this year to improve ourselves. The next couple of years are going to be very exciting.”

Greg Marshall

“Chris has had a fantastic weekend. To finish in the top six on his first Monte Carlo is a major achievement and he's done it at a very respectable pace.”

David Lapworth

“There's no two ways about it. Soquel played great from start to finish. They shot the lights out. They just beat us. We had a couple runs, but every time, they met it.”

Rich Brown