Finished Related Quotes

“Me and my clique got class, school you a quick minute, and we aint never finished till ignorance is diminished.”

Dedrick D. L. Pitter

“We have a clear reference point which is the game we played in Guimaraes and that finished 3-0. We have to play like we did that day.”

Fernando Torres

“Jesus neither said,"It will be finished", nor "It may be finished", but He said,"It is finished".”

Kimto Oche Emmanuel

“We finished that game with three freshmen, a true sophomore and a junior. It wasn't very good.”

Nick Holt

“These guys wrestled great all year. We finished in the top five in every tournament and finished in the top 10 in the state. You couldn't ask for any more than what we did this year.”

Chris Spencer

“There is some evidence of inventory accumulation of semiconductors and finished electronic products during the first quarter of 2006. We expect the electronic industry supply chain will respond quickly as it did late in 2004 and that inventories will be in balance by the third quarter.”

George Scalise

“As a player who finished last season starting with the Wallabies I'm under no illusions that I'll walk back in. But it's that sort of thing that brings out the best in any player.”

Chris Latham

I love the finished product, but I find working in the studio a chore - I use an old-fashioned setup, so the recording process can be frustrating.

Max Tundra

I think this last film I finished, 'The Butler,' is the closest I will come to as a work-for-hire.

Lee Daniels

Safety is knowing that when this particular life form is finished, what it has served remains...