Fire Related Quotes

“I caught fire and the guys just found me in the right place. The zone feels good, it feels really good. It feels like you can't be stopped.”

Charlie Villanueva

“Doubt that the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love.”

William Shakespeare

“Heaven bent to take my hand And lead me through the fire Be the long awaited answer To a long and painful fight”

Sarah Mclachlan

“The truck was in a mall parking lot, it was not at a fire, there was no staff with it at the time.”

Sean Pearce

“There's different ways to respond to all of these. For example, during a fire alarm, you leave the building, which is different than a tornado, where you shelter in place.”

David Colton

“‘Character is like the fire within the flint-latent until it is struck out of the stone. Observing the flint stone, who would think it contained the possibility of light? And so it is with the dark experiences of life. And it is only us, individually, that decide what that darkness is, even without quite knowing the reasons for its being. And then we must learn to let light enter. When they are met with courage, they give out sparks of spiritual light.’”

Helen Keller

“I don't want to become part of the city. The reason they offered was fire protection and police protection. I don't need either. I told them if you look where the crime problems are, it's up by the police station.”

Dan Green

“Balkans - that taste for devastation, for internal clutter, for a universe like a brothel on fire the last "primitives" in Europe.”

Emile M. Cioran

“Money is like fire, an element as little troubled by moralizing as earth, air and water. Men can employ it as a tool or they can dance around it as if it were the incarnation of a god. Money votes socialist or monarchist, finds a profit in pornography or translations from the Bible, commissions Rembrandt and underwrites the technology of Auschwitz. It acquires its meaning from the uses to which it is put.”

Lewis H. Lapham

“We came under fire and soldiers had to shoot back. Police did most of the shooting though.”

Col. Fernando Lemos