Fired Related Quotes

“Clearly Greenspan's luster has dimmed, and there's this worry that he's fired a lot of bullets and the bullets he has left won't do any good.”

Cary Leahey

“Our fans are fired up, and it's great to have an opportunity to have another round with the Cardinals. We have another chance, we have a shot at it. There's only so many that you get. Coming from where we've come from, and to have a chance at this again, it's pretty special.”

Craig Biggio

“He would not drop the gun. I believe at least one shot was fired. The offender was shot once.”

Darren Moloney

“Why is it coming to Idaho? Because we've never had a coal-fired plant, because we have excellent air, excellent water, and excellent soil. I come from, born and raised and lived in the midwestern state of Indiana where we had coal-fired plants all over the place. And yes we had asthma, yes there was always soot falling.”

David Mead

“We were just really fired up to prove we're No. 1.”

Kristina Coppolino

“He was awesome. He was probably more fired up during the game than anyone.”

Mark Richt

“Mau was so fired up tonight -- he was a spark plug in the middle. He did a good job, hustling, getting digs. He'll have to take the (libero) jersey.”

Alfred Reft

“To hear them get fired up, it just makes it that much more emotional, ... If I'm down, I know I have them to count on to pick me up pretty quickly and not let myself get too far down on myself.”

James Blake

“You can imagine if we could fill this place even halfway up how fired up we'd be.”

Dan Uggla

“The concept was no good. You had so many things going wrong. Theresa, you're fired.”

Donald Trump