Five Related Quotes

“They've been that way for about the last five years. They've been very consistent. Take a look at what they've done as a team - wins and losses, defense, offense. They're a complete football team. There's a good reason why they went into Indy and beat Indy and really had a chance to dominate the game. A couple calls here and there and they dominate that football game.”

Mike Shanahan

“Part of the group has arrived, we're expecting five persons in all.”

Helder Muteia

“To have your top five guys get medals ... that's big. I mean, to have L.C. score 49 and not win the meet ... that's rare. I'd take 49 points anytime.”

Doug Muehlig

“Enough Italians feel worse off than they did five years ago. He didn't fulfill his promises.”

James Walston

“We had five caseworkers that responded.”

Debbie Turley

“He makes a big difference, especially in the last five minutes of a game. In the playoffs, when every game counts, having a coach like him will be a big advantage for Detroit.”

Scott Williams

“It was huge to get Marlowe and Susannah after graduating three seniors from our top five last year. Their solid play and outstanding character has brought much to the team both on and off the course.”

Alexis Etow

“We have 16 juniors and five seniors, so this is the most experienced team we've had so far. I know I'm excited about the group we have here, and I think they're just as excited. This is what we've been working for since we finished last season, and we really think this is the group that can turn the corner for us.”

Willie Gawlik

“NPA hung around the entire game but didn't have enough to beat them. We stayed within four or five points the whole game. I was proud of them.”

James Bailey

“We used to have five correspondents. One of ours for health reasons had to retire a year or so ago, and we just haven't found anybody to replace her. It takes a certain type of person to keep up with things like that. It's not high journalism, but it's important news.”

Dave Bell