Fix Related Quotes

In TV, you usually don't get a chance to fix anything. It's always easier to cancel something than fix it.

Nick Zano

?We made some big plays defensively, but we also gave up some big plays. We have a week to fix those problems so we will be fine.?

Ben Hinson

““It’s absolutely stupid that we live without an ozone layer. We have men, we’ve got rockets, we’ve got saran wrap – FIX IT!!!””

Lewis Black

You cannot fix what you will not face.

James A. Baldwin

If something is working, don't fix it. Keep going. Go with the glow.

Al Pacino

In order to fix it, you need a passionate anger about something that doesn't work well.

James Dyson

If you want to follow Jesus because He'll fix your marriage, if you want to follow Jesus because He'll give you a better life, that's idolatry. Follow Christ for the sake of Christ; He is worthy!

Paul Washer

The two questions that anyone ever asks me are: 'Are house prices going to go down?' and 'Is it a good time to fix my mortgage rate?'

Evan Davis

Don't worry about tomorrow, let it fix itself. Today has a problem of its own.

Kris Aquino

Tell me, what do they do for us in Bulgaria? Do they fix the prices? Or is there some kind of a free market?

Dwayne Andreas