Flag Related Quotes

“I'm just glad we saw the checkered flag, ... We've had a lot of great cars here the last month and a half and haven't been able to show it. So, to see the checkered flag and get a top-10 was a big relief to this team.”

Elliott Sadler

“raise a red flag.”

Robert Hanson

“There should be human studies to finally establish that this is a major red flag.”

Srikumar Chellappan

“It's easy to target the flag.”

Stuart Appleby

?He agreed with my assessment. So we'll get a late flag.?

Barry Alvarez

?I think the moment we saw the flag rising was the one we did not allow ourselves to even imagine.?

Ben Agosto

“I was angry when I saw them start to do something to the flag, and I'm glad that I happened to be geographically close enough to do something about it.”

Rick Monday

“You have to pick up the flag and have another guy behind him and step up and be ready to come out here and make some plays.”

Darrell Brooks

“The Confederate flag represents the same thing to blacks as the Nazi flag represents to Jews,”

Ken Page

“We're proud to support our employees who are serving our country, and this flag will be given a prominent spot at Keystone.”

Dave Ford