Floor Related Quotes

“She sees the floor so well. This year, she has been up against some outstanding point guards and not only does the job on offense, but she's a strong defensive player (forced five turnovers). This was a signature game for her.”

Dick Steele

“We needed to get everybody on the floor and start to gel. It's always been something this year, and it was nice to have a full crew back.”

Darin Green

“This is a very intimate arena where the stands come right down to the floor and I like that. It's going to be very loud and we have great crowds that have supported us over the years. I think it gives us a home court advantage.”

Carroll Dawson

“There's heavy fire damage to the third floor, ... There are multiple ceilings and two roofs to get through to where the fire is at.”

Chuck Norris

“You can't just give them the ball. You quick-shot against them and they're explosive coming up the floor. It's hard to overcome that kind of stuff.”

Doug Bruno

“He makes a difference on both ends of the floor. You have to know where he's at.”

Dan Watson

“It was one of those things where you can hold the ball and keep him off the floor or you can let them bring him in and see if you can get him to pick up a third foul. We just felt that this was the best way to go.”

Phil Mishler

“We'll bring the first part of our package ... to the floor when we have 218 votes,”

Roy Blunt

“She can run the floor. You just wish she'd played before. She's athletic enough to cover for her inexperience.”

Nadine Villarmia

“There were a ream of horror stories from the floor in relation to the way players feel they are being treated.”

Donal O'neill