Floor Related Quotes

“It was terrible. I just remember the floor being so wet. You had to put a towel down to stay dry when you got out of your clothes. Your equipment hung on little hooks instead of in a stall. It definitely made you uncomfortable as a visitor. You weren't pampered at all.”

Rory Fitzpatrick

“I do think over the last seven years I've counted more votes than anybody else on the House floor, and I'm confident that we are now where we need to be to get this done.”

Roy Blunt

“It was weird. I really felt a sense of relief when I stepped on that floor. It gave me a chance to forget about everything that was going on off the court. I hadn't smiled all day until I got on that court.”

Richard Hamilton

“The whole second floor is sold out and part of the third floor.”

Corey Carver

“There was garbage all over. There were stains all over the floor.”

William Perez

“I would draw floor plans because I wanted to be like him. I even designed a pair of sneakers for myself. I can honestly say my artistic drives have always been inspired by family. Once we got into the glass art field, we knew we would eventually start our own business.”

Kyle Carni

“They spaced the floor well and penetrated well. I thought they did a good job keeping us from penetrating.”

Cliff Thompson

“[She] continues just to be incredibly strong. Loves to rebound, can run the floor extremely well, and this year she's added more of an offensive dimension. She's just a little more offensive minded this season.”

Lisa Bluder

“We're going to try and build on this in-your-mug defense and continue moving the ball up the floor. We're going to have a deep bench and more balanced scoring. I'm looking forward to seeing that.”

Cary Thompson

“They have five guys that can score on the floor nearly every possession. You're going to give up something.”

Ritchie Mckay