Focused Related Quotes

“(Best Buy's) quarter was disappointing. While (Best Buy) is clearly focused on reducing expense growth, this issue will continue to weigh on fourth-quarter results, thus limiting the upside in a solid environment.”

Colin Mcgranahan

“If we can go through something like this and be resilient and focused and mentally tough, I just see this kick-starting our season.”

Kyle Wright

“This is a game we were really focused on. It was an embarrassing moment for me as a coach and for them as players, and they came out and played a heck of a game tonight.”

Dave Klingel

“I came out harder than ever. I told myself it's not going to happen again. I stayed focused on the game and not my knee. The mental part of it is over. I'm still working on my confidence and my rhythm, but the mental part is getting better each game.”

Emery Wallace

“I think it's especially important he focused on young athletes and that cheating by star athletes sends the wrong message,”

Craig Masback

“I'm focused on the season and winning races, so I'm not interested in a stunt like this.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr

“Dede is more dedicated and focused on things she cares about than almost anybody I've ever met. She makes a maximum effort from her own resources before she makes a request of anybody else. She's very bright. And I love the fact that she's tough as nails, and totally straight. Bulls -- is not what she likes to be exposed to or steps in.”

Willie Brown

“You can't play with one hand in this business at all. You have to be really focused.”

Carl Homer

“Mr. Tsurumi focused on those who lead their lives independently without being caught up in the frameworks of the state. And he presented the structure of Southeast Asia through things like shrimp and sea cucumbers.”

Yasushi Fujibayashi

“We had a good talk inside today. Everybody was so focused today.”

Charlieann Chacon