Focused Related Quotes

“This is a bad bill. It is not worthy of passing, ... It is all focused on production ... and it's not paid for -- and that, in and of itself, is enough reason to vote against this bill.”

Richard Gephardt

“Due to the multiple inquiries and investigations, some of which are focused on me personally, I believe that my involvement has become a distraction. ... My concern is for current and former Enron employees and other stakeholders, and I feel it is in their best interest for me to step down from the board,”

Kenneth Lay

“One thing I've been focused on was my changeup. I got drafted on my curve, but I'm going to get to the big leagues by throwing my changeup and fastball with command and confidence.”

Lance Broadway

“(Best Buy's) quarter was disappointing. While (Best Buy) is clearly focused on reducing expense growth, this issue will continue to weigh on fourth-quarter results, thus limiting the upside in a solid environment.”

Colin Mcgranahan

“We're focused on what we do best. Everything we do is for the display, [as opposed to several of] our competitors, many of whom are much larger companies selling everything from microwaves and computer devices to satellites.”

James Chu

“We've got to be focused. We can't let a QB switch depress us. We can't let it get us down. Whoever's back there, we've got to roll with it.”

Clinton Portis

“We are remaining exclusively focused on the oceans. We do not get into social issues, we do not even get into environmental records.”

David Wilmot

“I think Rachel has always been focused on things a little bit more. That is up to her. I am perfectly all right about it. I would not personally go that way because I like acting”

Hannah Spearritt

“We're happy to be here. We're just focused. We've got our game face on.”

Ravi Moss

“I was very focused, very motivated and I had good tactics,”

Francesca Schiavone