Folks Related Quotes

“Anytime you build a project, you have to look at the benefit/costs. It's hard for folks in New Orleans, who designed for a Cat 3. At the time they designed it, that may have been a reasonable benefit/cost. In Florida you must do the same thing.”

Sean Smith

“I would ask for you to ask your viewers to do a lot of praying for these folks and thank God that nobody did get killed.”

Freeman Miller

“Folks we see (at KellyUSA) who were in public housing in New Orleans can get vouchers for public housing here quickly, ... So far, we're finding that people are taking whatever is available and worrying about the rest later. They want to get back on their feet.”

San Antonio

“I think most folks are under-diversified, and I'd like to see more names in a portfolio,”

Phil Dow

“I called the folks on Sunday when there was talk the storm would be a big one. I wondered about boarding up my house. They said the storms aren't much when they get to us, and the prediction was this one would turn east once it hit land.”

Gil Meche

“A lot of times, these folks don't even consider something like this because it's so far removed from anything they can do. It's unfortunately something they just have to live with.”

Russ Salsman

“Some folks rail against other folks, because other folks have what some folks would be glad of.”

Henry Fielding

“They were pretty open with me. These folks came in sure that because they are poor and black, they would be treated as second-class citizens. And they've had their eyes opened, ... They now tell me they can't believe how nice everyone treats them – even the police. They're saying they now want to stay in Texas.”

David Moore

“Folks recognize this is a bad situation and that's exactly what it is. But we'd rather do this than make a series of changes now and have to do it all over again in a few years.”

Gary Chevalier

“All some folks want is their fair share and yours.”

Arnold H. Glasgow