Football Related Quotes

“The Colts still have the best QB in football and some people think too much attention and focus was put on their run for a perfect season. They never seemed to regroup after their first loss and the personal tragedies that befell Tony Dungy.”

Alex Czajkowski

“Football is no small commitment, it's like having two extra classes.”

Alex Miller

If you own a football club, you have to be really involved and committed.

Mohamed Al-fayed

“When you've got the momentum in a football game... that is a time to keep going and get it into the end zone, ... We want to score for America's families.”

Vince Lombardi

Football at it's best is a game of beauty and intelligence.

Ron Greenwood

German football is like English football. The Germans and the English do not play like a Brazilian side. They have to improve, bring up their young players, who have character.

Franz Beckenbauer

“Everybody sitting around and talking football is good for our area, and hopefully we can continue to make this thing grow and bring in some good speakers, because we've had some excellent ones here.”

Walt Davis

It was as if we had beaten a country, more than just a football team.

Diego Maradona

“The money coming into the game [football] is incredible. But it is just the prune-juice effect - it comes in and goes out straight away. Agents run the game.”

Alan Sugar