Force Related Quotes

jazz is the expression of America's romantic self, its sensual potency, its lyrical force.

Anais Nin

“The police force isn't big enough to enforce that sort of thing. This is where community expectation and standard will have to hold sway.”

Steven Englander

“The experience of the irrationality of the world has been the driving force of all religious revolution.”

Max Weber

Remember - you can't beam through a force field. So, don't try it.

William Shatner

He who is sorrowful can force himself to smile, but he who is glad cannot weep.

Selma Lagerlã¶f

Thereâ??s no such religious force in the West as powerful as consumerism.

Alan Hirsch

“Then you just add football's brute force, and there you go.”

Mike Forrester

The greatest productive force is human selfishness.

Robert A. Heinlein

“[Given that smaller business customers represent Microsoft's] sweet spot, ... an instant significant force in that market.”

Rob Bois

“We found him tired, haggard, and obviously a spent force,”

Adnan Pachachi