Foreign Policy Related Quotes

To increase aid to the Pakistan government when religious freedom is not upheld is tantamount to an anti-Christian foreign policy.

Keith O'brien

My job is to try to advance American foreign policy, to try to advance the president's agenda on democracy and human rights.

Condoleezza Rice

Any time someone says "that's it, I'm leaving" I ask them whether they'd prefer to live under US domestic policy, or US foreign policy. As bad as things get inside an empire, they're usually worse in the protectorates.

Jamie Zawinski

The people see that Wall Street is running our economic policy, that big oil is running our energy policy and the military industrial complex is determining our foreign policy...

Alan Grayson

I think the next president needs to lead on cultural issues and experience, particularly on foreign policy.

Sam Brownback

The principles that should guide American foreign policy are simple: the world is safer when America leads, only strength ensures peace and freedom, and America must stand with its allies and challenge its adversaries.

Kevin Mccarthy

In foreign policy, even if you hold high office, you can't be sure what the effects will be of the things you do.

Anne-marie Slaughter

When I was in college, I became interested in various aspects of foreign policy and international relations. Even as a kid, I was interested in what I call, loosely speaking, forbidden knowledge.

Barry Eisler

The Lindsey Graham via foreign policy is going to beat Rand Paul's libertarian view of foreign policy. It will beat Barack Obama's view of foreign policy. It will beat Hillary Clinton's view of foreign policy.

Lindsey Graham

Foreign policy deals across time as well as space.

William Pfaff