Fortunate Related Quotes

“The end of the year is an especially important time for the music community, and an especially fortunate time for music fans, with a great slate of new releases in stores. We must do everything to protect the integrity of the marketplace.”

Cary Sherman

“A struggle ensued. The officer was able to break away and fired a round. The officer was very fortunate. The officer used his training very well. He talked to the subject when he had a gun to his head.”

Chief David Wynn

I'm really fortunate to be at Stanford. I go home every 10 weeks, but Stanford apart from being just a wonderful university is one of the places that are part of a great conversation.

Eavan Boland

“We were fortunate that [Deng] missed the shot.”

Pat Riley

You always hear these stories of people who grew up in Hollywood, and they're like, 'We lost our childhood.' But I was very fortunate.

Alexa Vega

I feel so fortunate and lucky I don't have to be a waitress or a bartender or a personal trainer.

Abbie Cobb

It's always good to get feedback from people. I've been fortunate that all the fans, and especially fans of 'Teen Wolf,' have been really gracious.

Sinqua Walls

We were very fortunate, because we had so many hits, so we'd be singing out all hits.

Patty Andrews

My first TV job was on an episode of 'Hannah Montana'... Since then, I've been fortunate to end up on shows that are just such a high quality, where the writing and material is incredible.

Alison Brie

“I like the pressure, ... I guess the pressure did get to me, kind of, but I was fortunate enough that I still scored. This was a big win for us because now we're in the driver's seat for the county title.”

Mark White