Fortunate Related Quotes

I go to the dentist every six months, I get a cleaning, so... I'm fortunate enough that those fluoride treatments as a child worked. Not getting any cavities.

Daniel Tosh

During my time at Watchung Hills Regional High School, I was fortunate to have a number of teachers who inspired me and filled me with enthusiasm for learning.

Adam Riess

I've never taken vocal lessons. My early trumpet training and a fortunate talent for singing has always been enough for me. In the case of rock singing, I've always felt it was better to remain a bit untrained to maintain your individuality.

Ronnie James Dio

“It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for collecting shells than to be born a millionaire”

Robert Louis Stevenson

I'm incredibly fortunate to have met the intelligent, generous, risk-taking, stimulating man to whom I am married. He's really amazing.

Cate Blanchett

“We are fortunate in Onslow County that we don't flood very easily, ... We are expecting some minor coastal flooding. We don't expect anything to pose a serious threat to property or people but as always people should be careful driving through ponds on roadways.”

Mark Goodman

“We aren't going to train differently or try harder; every year we try to qualify. If we're fortunate enough to make it [to nationals], it's a nice bonus to have it here at our pool.”

Jamey Wright

“We're in a very, very fortunate situation where every week we have a full 'Impact' Zone out of Universal Studios-Orlando, and probably 90 percent of that audience is from all over the country and from different parts of the world. We're lucky that those people get to come to us.”

Dixie Carter

“If we would be fortunate enough for them to repeat that production as a twosome, we'd be elated.”

Dan O'brien

“Observe that anyone who dies for his country is a fortunate man, but death takes what it wants, indiscriminately, in peace-time as well as in war. It is better to die with freedom than without it.”

Haile Selassie