Forward Related Quotes

“He is a highly regarded industry leader with the skills and experience to enhance our success going forward and create opportunities and value for all of our stakeholders.”

Courtney Pratt

“Cam put on a nice show. We're looking forward to getting this lineup rolling.”

Dave Roberts

“I was looking forward to the 2005 season when things fell apart. I ended up in a dispute with my sister (Chanda) and father (Les) about our race team, and we parted ways. It was a bitter ending and there are still a lot of hard feelings.”

Chad Reitz

“It's made Maina available to us ? her staging of Giselle was absolutely wonderful, and we're really looking forward to having her back to restage it next year.”

David Mcallister

“Mr Watson lurched forward towards the knife. He walked into it.”

David Aubrey

“I'm looking forward to the change. I have to say this about my job: One day is never the same as the next. And that has held true for 18 years -- it's always something different.”

Colleen Walz

“This is a highly competitive industry. We wish North Carolina all the best as the state moves forward.”

Rick Gates

“It is a tie we'll all be looking forward to. It is a semi-final over two legs, we got to one last year, we'd like to go one stage further this year.”

Mark Hughes

“After halftime, we went to four players in the midfield instead of three and put two at forward instead of three. The change really solidified things defensively and put us in a good position.”

Ron Rainey

“It's very disappointing. We were decent defensively, we had some great opportunities going forward that just didn't go in and at the other end we gave up a bad goal. It's getting to the point where we need to put things right.”

Colin Clarke