Foul Related Quotes

“I'm just protecting my teammates. I'm just protecting Carmelo. I didn't really say anything. They gave me a technical foul.”

Ruben Patterson

“It didn't really cross our minds (to foul) and we kind of backed off a little bit and Cyndi made a great shot. Great players make great shots.”

Katie Gearlds

“To her credit, she hit both foul shots.”

Craig Turek

“It is a foul bird that fills his own nest”


“After Wight went out with his fourth foul (in the third quarter) we got four or five steals in a row. I really thought that changed the complexion of the game.”

Rob Detzel

“I am not the Anne Bancroft interpretation, ... I'm back to doing what I do. Flamboyant, cynical and foul-mouthed, and drinks and smokes and says 'Go (expletive) in your shoes.' Loved it.”

Shirley Maclaine

“Their whole livelihood had been taken away in one foul swoop,”


“Usually I like going to the paint because I could get close shots, or physical contact and get a foul. Today, they didn't call it so I was afraid to go inside.”

Yao Ming

“Nothing can seem foul to those that win”

William Shakespeare

“He's a strong guy and obviously you have to foul him a little harder.”

Paul Pierce