Four Related Quotes

“Four or five dollars isn't large in the grand scheme of things, but when you're competing against a lot of other business and a lot of other travelers, that $5 may keep government travelers from staying at that hotel. GSA is going to have to figure out, [are] the rates that they're giving allowing government workers to stay in those hotels.”

Kevin Maher

“We had their lead down to five in the fourth quarter and we got four straight possessions, but never got a shot. You can't turn the ball over as much as we did tonight against a team like this and expect to win.”

Carlyle Robinson

“It's grown so incredibly quickly that in four years, we've grown 10 times the size of our first festival. People have really embraced this festival. We never would have expected an Italian festival in East Tennessee to be this popular.”

Chyna Brackeen

“We've got something special to fight for. If we win here, we get to go to the Final Four back home in Boston.”

Kindyll Dorsey

“We've been waiting four years for this. We wouldn't take no for an answer.”

Vince Alvarado

“We felt we needed more depth at the four and five spots, ... We've known since the end of last season and through training camp that we need to improve our rebounding and our depth up front.”

Larry Harris

“When I look at it individually, I think it's a natural progression -- coaching first base for the last four years [and] coaching third base in the Minor Leagues -- for me to go from first to third.”

Demarlo Hale

“We are completely focused on getting the best results for the McDonald's and PacifiCare teams at the last four races,”

Sebastien Bourdais

“I want to say this year we'll go as far as we can. Four years and no one (from record companies) has ever heard our stuff, but we're recording our first album in February.”

Earl Rosales

“Lee was out cold for four minutes, and the video will clarify how late Sean was tackled - if you call it a tackle. I was very disappointed in the assistance given to the referee.”

Daniel Anderson