Four Related Quotes

“I haven't voted for a budget in four years. I think this year things went a lot better because we were all in the room.”

Sen. David Cappiello

“Very pleased, very excited, we need a few more wins to make playoffs, so we're shooting big. We need four more (wins) and I see seven within our reach. We're grasping for it. We're working hard. Even in practice, these kids, they're chanting 'playoffs.' That's what we're working for.”

Kristen Coutoulakis

“Now that the highway has been opened up to four lanes, delays haven't been a problem. As a result, PART buses are stopping in Kernersville on every trip going and coming from Winston-Salem to the PART hub near the Greensboro airport.”

David Morris

“The fatality number in Gibson County is eight. There are 37 injuries with four of those critical.”

James Brown

“Our at-bats aren't very good, ... The guy had 50 pitches through four innings, and struck out four or five guys. We're just not having good at-bats.”

Phil Garner

“It's just unfortunate he was never able to get to that Big Dance (Final Four) that he wanted to. Coach Chaney is a heck of a coach.”

Rasheed Wallace

“It took four months to get my dress in. So now i am just curious to what is going to happen now.”

Gretchen Quebe

“I didn't swing it very well for the first 14 holes, but over the last four holes I got back into it and made some really nice swings, so I am happy about that.”

Padraig Harrington

“We came out of the halftime fresh and they came out like they had played four quarters. They got moving eventually, but I thought that was the difference.”

Mark Lafon

“They're a dangerous basketball team. The parity right now with the top four or five teams in (the Seventh) Region is unbelievable.”

Chris Renner