Fox Related Quotes

“OK,'' said Jim Hammer, the former San Francisco prosecutor who is now a commentator for Fox, watching the truck roll in.”

Nancy Grace

“A foolish fox is caught by one leg, but a wise one by all four”

Serbian Proverb

“That's where the fox is in the hen house. They can make data appear how they want it to appear.”

Fran Calverase

“There's a whole bunch of people we get now that don't know jack. They're either watching cartoons or Fox. There are going to be some people who've never heard of it.”

Chip Harp

“The fox, Halliburton, is guarding the henhouse,”

Dennis Kucinich

“The Fox rocks.”

Samantha Fox

“The fox is one hundred years old its' child is one hundred and ten.”

Greek Proverb

“We lose sleep over that. But I think Michael J. Fox [who played ultra-conservative kid Alex Keaton in 'Family Ties'] was aberrant.”

Dan Savage

“The Fox years have accelerated the process . . . because there's an animus for Fox as well as for me, ... It's intellectually lazy to attack me at this point. I've been parodied by four decades of Saturday Night Live: Who's going to beat Jim Carrey? Just run with the lemmings and put down Geraldo.”

Geraldo Rivera

“I guess we're just in an indefinite holding pattern, ... It's about Chris Carter and Fox coming to terms. Gillian and I are signed on. We're ready to go. Chris and Fox are slugging it out.”

David Duchovny